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Smooth sailing for cruise ship terminal

Marco Polo Cruise Ship Terminal | Saint John Port Authority

The Scenario

In 2009 the Saint John Port Authority was scheduled to host over 190,000 passengers & guests from over 74 cruise ship vessels. The Pugsley A&B terminals were renovate on the city`s waterfront and would be the home of the new Marco Polo Cruise Terminal.

The Challenge

With the advent of new fire protection and life safety codes, the passenger’s safety would be pertinent and use of an Emergency Lighting Inverter would be part of the terminals essential services. When applying the emergency egress lighting system, it is imperative to meet CSA, UL924 and NFPA 101 requirements. The life safety system must be able provide a sufficient lighting runtime to safely evacuate all passengers from the building.

The Solution

The system shall incorporate an on-line, dual conversion, microprocessor controlled, high frequency, IGBT PWM rectifier/charger and inverter, high speed automatic bypass transfer device, battery charging system, energy storage battery platform, an advanced, full diagnostic, monitoring and testing system with touch screen LCD display panel, and all the related hardware components and software to facilitate a functional centralized system. The emergency power supply system shall provide immunity from all line disturbances and power interruptions. The system shall include an uninterrupted, normally on output power section and provisions to include a normally off standby output power section, thus enabling compatibility with emergency lighting fixtures operating in normally on and standby mode(s). A self-diagnostic monitoring alarm system shall continuously advise of system status and battery condition.


In January 2009 the Centralized Emergency Lighting Inverter was successfully commissioned and tested on-site by Reliable Power Systems Inc. It now provides a 90 minute run time for the safe evacuation of the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal. For more information about this application please feel free to contact our office anytime.