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Reliable Power keeps Goose Bay flying

Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay

The Scenario

Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay (5 Wing Goose Bay) is operated by the Canadian Forces Air Command. Since its initial development during World War II, the air forces of several nations have used CFB Goose Bay as a base for NATO flight training.

The base remains active today. It is designated as an alternate emergency landing site for the space shuttle, and operates in conjunction with the civilian Goose Bay Airport.

The Challenge

In the movement to attract more use of the facilities at 5 Wing Goose Bay, Hangars 7 & 8 were to update the “ground support” power for the aircrafts while undergoing maintenance in the hangars.

Modern military aircraft are equipped with powerful radars, sensors, weapon systems, and sophisticated cockpit displays that require large amounts of electricity to operate. Commercial airliners too must provide power for environmental systems, galley equipment, cockpit displays, communication gear, weather radar, and in-flight entertainment systems. DC power supplies are insufficient to meet the demands for electricity to operate flight instruments, actuators, heating equipment, avionics, and internal/external lighting on these large aircraft. These planes instead use alternating current (AC) systems that usually supply 115 volts at 400 hertz.

The Solution

Reliable Power was commissioned to provide the following:

  • 90kva Solid State Frequency Converter
  • Motorized Cable Retriever for 400Hz aircraft cable with output of 90kva
  • Solid State 28 vdc power supply
  • Diesel Power Combination Power Cart 90 Kva 400hz and 28 vdc 1000A cont. 2500A peak

The above was provided for both Hanger 7 & 8 at 5 Wing Goose Bay.


In August of 2010 the Frequency Converters and Cable Retrievers were successfully commissioned by Reliable Power Systems Inc and now provide 5 Wing Goose Bay with ground support power which is in use today.  For more information about this application please feel free to contact our office anytime.