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St. Andrews Biological Station

The Scenario

Canada’s first marine biological research station began operations as a temporary, floating laboratory, in St. Andrews in 1899. Over the past century, the St. Andrews Biological Station (SABS) has become recognized nationally and internationally for its contributions to marine science.

The Challenge

St. Andrews Biological Station maintains a reservoir, the water for this reservoir is pumped from the ocean with two large 100 HP pumps into a large pool which is then filtered and pumped into the reservoir. The speed and flow rate of these pumps is controlled by VFD (Variable Frequency Drives). These VFD inherently pollute the electrical system especially in remote sites where the electrical grid is considered soft and the presences of harmonic distortion is more common.

The challenge here is that due to all the research computer systems onsite (over 125 pc’s) would no doubt be affected by these high level of harmonics. Harmonic currents increase losses, overheat equipment, and interact with the distribution system impedances causing voltage distortion which can have a detrimental effect on all equipment connected to the system (ie: the research computers)

The Solution

Reliable Power worked with the electrical authority at the site and supplied Harmonic Filters manufactured by Mirus International Inc. These AUHF (Advanced Universal Harmonic Filters) or Lineators mitigated the current distortion to levels meeting IEEE519. These Lineators are a revolutionary advance in the area of passive harmonic mitigation. NO other device on the market can meet the stringent limits of the IEEE Std 519 at any equivalent efficiency, size and cost.


The Mirus Lineators are now successfully operating at the Biological Station and the research computers are now protected from the harmonics caused by the VFDs. For more information about this application please feel free to contact our office anytime.