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Reliable Power: Service Without Fail Since 1994

Powering green, clean energy...

We’ve provided reliable solutions for:
Digby Wind Farm
Fermeuse Wind Farm
Glen DHU Wind Farm
Lingan Wind Power Ltd.

Powering today’s universities...

We’ve provided reliable solutions for:
Dalhouse University
St. Francis Xavier University
St. Thomas University
University of New Brunswick

Power to the people...

We’ve provided reliable solutions for:
Nova Scotia Power
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
New Brunswick Power
Maritime Electric

Powering up for smooth sailing...

We’ve provided reliable solutions for:
Halifax Port Authority
Canadian Coast Guard
Bay Ferries
Saint John Port Authority

Service without fail.

We have the expertise to guide and deliver complete confident power solutions since 1994.

In today’s rapidly evolving world of e-business, there is no such thing as an acceptable power incident. People, facilities and factories depend on non-stop delivery of quality power and assuring its continuity and quality is critical to achieving and maintaining that competitive edge.

Powering the enterprise for technology-driven companies requires the integration of sophisticated electrical and electronic power technologies combined with comprehensive preventative maintenance programs.

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