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Power-factor correction capacitors and active harmonic filters


Battery Sulfation and how to prevent it.


Liquid-Filled Power Transformers

In recent years we have been expanding our product lines to include medium-voltage equipment, and are excited to announce that we have signed a rep agreement with Niagara Transformers of Buffalo, NY.


Digital Animation


Pleased to be representing Trayer’s medium-voltage switchgear


Aircraft 400hz GPU


Harnessing the energy from the moon & sun

We just completed the startup for the Open Hydro tidal power substation at Cape Sharp just outside of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. We supplied a 125vdc power plant containing redundant 3 x 5kva Benning inverters with provision to add two more growing to 25kva, along with a 100-amps C-Can charger and Exide VRLA batteries.

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